Pigeon’s First Concert – Mayer Hawthorne @ The Michigan Theatre – 07/26/2012

Mayer Hawthorne – live at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, MI, USA – July 26, 2012
(image quality from a shaky iPhone my buddy snapped)

First of all, this show was part of 107.1 FM Sonic Lunch series which means this performance was actually at noon. It was also free which is pretty cool. I beg to ask a question: “Where else can I walk from my home down a few blocks to a free concert with my son on a Thursday?” Ann Arbor, MI. Pigeon and I met up with an old friend and his wife at the show so it was nice to have people I know around us. Sat at the top of the theatre for since I figured a) it would be quieter than the rest of the venue (it is) and b) we would have more space to spread out in case Pigeon needed some room. Mayer Hawthorne is from Ann Arbor originally so it was, on some level, a homecoming of sorts for him.

This was Pigeon’s first actual concert. When the band took the stage his eyes lit up and he started clapping his hands with a massive smile. It was beautiful, to be honest. I don’t know if I would say this was rock maybe more soul, funk, something like that but he had a good time. He would not use ear plugs, big surprise there but also did not mind the music level. At one point I took him out into the promenade to inquire as to if the music was too loud or not. He said it wasn’t and asked to go back in. His first concert… I also recorded MH’s mix and another source from the audience – I made to set my equipment outside next to the venue before we went in. Years from now, he may ask me about going to his first concert and I can give him the CD or file or DAT tape for him to check out – of his first concert. I know most people, this thought would never cross their mind, but it certainly does mine.

We finished up the show, walked home, read two books (Where the Wild Things Are and Oh, the Place You’ll Go) and he settled in for a nap.