a sprinkle for twins

Last Sunday, Rella’s sisters put on a sprinkle for our twins. A sprinkle is in lieu of a shower – most folks do not have another shower as they expand their family with more and more kids. It was a nice, comfortable and laid-back affair. Of particular visual interest are the unique displays Ray-Ray created.

Like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

Family and friends were encouraged to write helpful hints for Rella and myself. However, we seem to be the only people with twins. Very nice gesture though.

Masks, games, refreshments and fun for the kids!

Good job ladies!



like sun-ripened raspberries in August

My name is Galen.
I am married to the most impressive person I know, my wife and mother to our two year old son, Pigeon (this is a surname, so to speak), and soon to be mother of our twins (boy and a girl). We live in the Old West Side area of Ann Arbor, MI, USA in a house originally built in 1925.

This blog is a project to document and share the intangible ubiquity of this experience of life, family and projects related to such. This blog will cover the nuances of single + twin parenting from someone ‘there and in it’. My wife & I will have 3, count em, 3 kids in diapers all under the age of 3! The more love, the better.

Once a week I will post a related parental-type-something-related-to-kids. But it’s not going to be a recipe for making brownies. Things dads, moms & people should know about what is in everyday items around the house. A good example is purchasing and correctly using outdoor hoses that are lead (and other heavy metals) free. Some language throughout the blog may be a little coarse or should be applied liberally with sea salt (or was that soap?) thus some rated PG-13. Other elements of discourse among thoughts: fun games/activites for children, gardening, household maintenance, my obsession with music, hints of lachrymology all smashed together with a back-beat to the one and only city of Ann Arbor, MI. Ecclectic – sure – perhaps even helter skelter but sometimes things are what they are.

Family is the cornerstone of my reality. My wife & I started dating out of high school and have been together since 1997, marrying in 2003. I consider myself the luckiest fella alive. I have what I consider an entirely compelling, thrilling, complicated and cool hobby – I audio record live concerts using various methods since just about Y2K..

I myself do not read blogs all that much thus am learning the ins and outs of it all. I have a full time job as a counselor, have a two year old with two more kids en route so why would I spend my time doing a blog? Wasting time?  I don’t know. I do all sorts of shit I ultimately cannot fully explain. Don’t you? If you are into it, great, share it with someone else. If you don’t, don’t.

From this date forward, this blog will be updated daily for 30 days then every other day thereafter.